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2024 Big Foot Open House

Posted on   2 minute read 2024 Big Foot Open House

6 years later I finally made it back to the Big Foot Open House!

One of the very first blog posts on this website, from back in 2019, was for the 2018 Big Foot Open House. Six years later I finally made it back out to the Big Foot Open House in Pacific Missouri and took more photos!

I’m fond of High Roller II, so I went with the intention of taking some great pictures of the Krekeler’s Ford Ranger, but I managed to also get quite a few other trucks while I was out there this year.

In addition to the 5 photos I have highlighted here on this blog post, you can find the full gallery of 154 pictures over here. As with most of our galleries, you can purchase

I had a busy morning with central states hockey tryouts for my boy first thing, after dropping him off at home for a well earned day of rest, I headed south to Pacific. We spend quite a bit of time in Pacific with ice hockey and a couple of meetings with a client from work, but some of the most fun you can have in Pacific is visiting the Big Foot 4x4 Headquarters! I arrived sometime after 11am or so and parking was up to the Walgreens right on the main drag in town. I parked in the first grassy spot I could find and walked down to the open house event.

Upon arrival I dropped off some prints I made for the owner of High Roller II, some of which I will hopefully upgrade with the recent photos taken today!

Not long after I arrived Big Foot 15 headed out for a few car crush/jump passes around the fenced off field. I hadn’t really set myself up to get great shots for this first set of runs as the crown was 5 or 6 people deep from the fence when I did manage to walk around to the side of the field. Thankfully I’m tall enough that I was able to shoot over most of the people, and crop out the heads of those I didn’t on the shots of BF15.

After they finished their run most of the crowd cleared out so I moved up to the fence line to make sure I had the angle on the old school car crush that I knew was going to happen soon. My persistance paid off with the shots you can see in the gallery of 154 shots from today.

Did you attend the Big Foot Open House? What did you think of things this year? The only thing I could suggest, is maybe a water truck next year, put some dampness down on the field and cut down on some of the dust! Now let me go clean my camera off!

Did you enjoy the old school car crush?

Which was your favorite monster truck there this year?

Was it the Ford of Big Foot 15? The two dodges, Blue Ox and The Blaine Crusher? What about the lone Chevy Waldo? Or maybe it was one of the Fords, Old Red Truck, Juggernaut Racing or High Roller II?

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