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2024 Blue Note Cup Photos

Posted on   1 minute read 2024 Blue Note Cup Photos

Book your games today!

📸 Book Your Game Today!

At RainbowMarks Photography, we’re thrilled to announce our exclusive photography services for the Blue Note Cup 2024! Get ready to immortalize your team’s moments of glory on the ice.

Exclusive Offer: $225/Game

(Must book by 3/1/2024) For just $225, secure a spot on our shooting schedule and ensure your game is captured through our lenses with precision and creativity. But that’s not all - your booking grants you:

  • Professionally Processed Photos: After the game, access and download the high-quality, professionally processed images of your game directly from our website.
  • 10% Off Physical Prints: Dive into your game’s photo gallery online and order physical prints to keep those memories tangible. Enjoy a 10% discount on every print, turning moments into lasting mementos.

Why Choose RainbowMarks Photography?

  • Focus on Your Team: By booking ahead, you guarantee that we capture the essence of your team’s performance, focusing on the moments that matter most to you.
  • High-Quality Imagery: With RainbowMarks Photography, expect nothing less than professional-grade photos that capture the intensity, emotion, and triumph of your games.
  • Easy Access & Ordering: After the game, effortlessly download your photos and order prints from the convenience of your home.

Booking Is Essential!

Remember, to ensure we cover your game and concentrate on your team, advance booking is necessary. Spots fill up fast, especially for an event as anticipated as the Blue Note Cup 2024. Any bookings after 3/1/2024 are $300/game.

Capture the Moment, Relive the Glory

Don’t let these fleeting moments slip away. Book RainbowMarks Photography now and keep the spirit of the game alive through stunning photographs.

📅 Schedule Your Game: Contact us today (650)260-8344 to secure your booking and take the first step towards capturing the heart and soul of your team’s journey at the Blue Note Cup 2024.

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