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Samsung Frame TV Artwork - Grand Canyon Black and White

Posted on   1 minute read Samsung Frame TV Artwork - Grand Canyon Black and White

Taken on a trip in January 2023

Recently I had my eyes opened up to the wonder of the Samsung Frame TV. If you have a Frame TV you can use it as a picture frame, either pulling in art work from Samsung (with a monthly subscription) or by providing your own digital files for use as display pieces on the device.

I am starting to provide custom photography for the Samsung Frame TV, and I am starting with my Grand Canyon Black and White photos from a trip in January 2023.

You can see some of the photos in the gallery here on this page, if you are interested in buying the photos for display in your own Samsung Frame TV I have setup an Etsy shop where you can purchase and download the properly sized images.

Visit my Etsy Shop

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these photos as prints instead of digital downloads, you can find them over on this gallery.

Stay tuned as we create more custom art for the Samsung Frame TV in future galleries and posts.

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