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2021 TireRack SCCA Solo National Championship Photos

Posted on   3 minute read 2021 TireRack SCCA Solo National Championship Photos

6 Days of Car Racing in Lincoln Nebraska

The time has come, I have uploaded all the 2021 Solo Nationals and ProSolo Finale Photos from last week. I did NOT shoot every heat, between running and working announce for Heat 1 on Thursday and Friday, and just being tired all week, there were a few heats that I wasn’t able to get to, those are listed at the bottom of this page. Galleries are organized by Day and then by Run Heat/Classes.

All photos have been tagged with Car Number and Class, so you can search for your car number/class (ex: 99CS) if you would like to try to more easily find your shots.

View the Galleries Here

ProSolo Finale/Challenges

I shot all of the competitors in the Challenge rounds, as well as some shots on both mornings of the first run group or two. Outside of that, I did not shoot run groups in the Finale, running in a pro simply doesn’t allow for that kind of time.

Purchase options

You can purchase an individual photo for $10 per download, there are also multiple print options that you can select at various prices.

2021 Solo Nationals Photo Discounts

Using our Gallery software I have not yet figured out how to easily setup packages, so it is not easy to just sell you all the photos of one driver or multiple drivers in one vehicle.

Now for the photos!

View the Galleries Here

Photo Size

Photos were shot on a Canon R5, with a 43 megapixel sensor. 99% of the photos posted have NOT been cropped, they are very large, so you can crop them and still get a great photo if you want to clean up any open space.

Heats that I did NOT shoot:

  • Tuesday Heat 4 West Course (SSP/CAM-C, I did get a few shots as I was running there)
  • Tuesday Heat 4 East Course (EP/AM/CAM-T/CAM-S)
  • Wednesday Heat 3 West Course (CS/FSP/EM)
  • Wednesday Heat 3 East Course (SSL/BS/BSP/STHL)
  • Wednesday Heat 4 West Course (SSP/CAM-C)
  • Wednesday Heat 4 East Course (EP/AM/CAM-T/CAM-S)
  • Wednesday Heat 5 West Course (GSL/XP/FP/SMFL/EML/SSCL)
  • Thursday Heat 1 East Course (ASL/CM/CSPL/FML/FSAEL/KM/SM/SSML/SSRL)
  • Thursday Heat 1 West Course (BM/ESP/HSL/STR)
  • Friday Heat 1 West Course (ASL/CM/CSPL/FML/FSAEL/KM/SM/SSML/SSRL)
  • Friday Heat 1 East Course (BM/ESP/HSL/STR)
  • Friday Heat 2 East Course (STX/ESL)
  • Friday Heat 2 West Course (DSL/DSP/FS)
  • Friday Heat 4 East Course (ES/ESPL)
  • Friday Heat 4 West Course (CML/FM/SSM/SSR)
  • Friday Heat 5 West Course (CSP/DSPL/FSL/KML/SML)


I realize there are a number of other photographers out there, each having their own style and availability. This was my first time really dedicating time to shooting the Solo Nationals, I would love your feedback, please feel free to drop me a line.

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