Chesterfield Falcons 10U-A1 Shine at the Leprechaun Lashout Tournament

A visit to Notre Dame

Posted on   2 minute read Chesterfield Falcons 10U-A1 Shine at the Leprechaun Lashout Tournament

The Chesterfield Falcons 10U-A1 team showcased their talent and determination at the prestigious Leprechaun Lashout tournament held at the iconic Notre Dame University. Here’s a recap of their journey game by game:

Game 1: Chesterfield Falcons vs. Chicago Flames

In the tournament’s opening game held at the Ice Box, the Falcons asserted their dominance early on. Daniel Hammond spearheaded the charge with the opening goal, setting the tone for the rest of the game. Although the official scoreboard showcased an impressive 8-0 win, sources say the Falcons had notched up at least 12 goals! Braxton Vatterott was particularly scintillating, with a hattrick under his belt. Adding another feather to their cap, Miles McCarthy recorded his first shutout of the season.

Game 2: Chesterfield Falcons vs. Joliet Jaguars

Saturday morning’s clash with the Joliet Jaguars Squirt 1 team on the “Lefty Smith” rink proved to be a challenging one for the Falcons. The Jaguars’ strategy of utilizing breakaways put them in the driver’s seat, ultimately clinching a 7-3 victory. Despite the loss, the Falcons learned valuable lessons in teamwork and resilience.

Game 3: Chesterfield Falcons vs. Fox Motors Hockey Club

Bouncing back from the morning’s setback, the Falcons were in splendid form against the Fox Motors Hockey Club on Notre Dame’s Olympic rink. Securing a comfortable 5-2 victory, the win was a testament to the team’s fighting spirit. Although they conceded two late goals, the Falcons’ performance ensured their place in the championship showdown. The victory was made even sweeter with a memorable team photo session at the Compton Family Ice Arena.

Championship Game: Chesterfield Falcons vs. Joliet Jaguars

Sunday morning brought with it the promise of redemption as the Falcons once again faced the Jaguars. Although the Jaguars took the early lead, it was Daniel “Hammer” Hammond who dazzled with his finesse, tying the game with a remarkable goal. The momentum swung in the Falcons’ favor when Bennett Suda found the net, giving them a lead they wouldn’t relinquish. Jasper Boyher put the cherry on top with a late empty-netter, ensuring the Falcons clinched the Squirt AA title of the Leprechaun Lashout.

In Conclusion

The Leprechaun Lashout tournament was a testament to the Chesterfield Falcons 10U-A1 team’s skill, determination, and heart. They fought, they learned, and they emerged victorious. Kudos to every player, coach, and supporter for this remarkable achievement!

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