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2023 Missouri River Relief MR340 Event Photos

Posted on   2 minute read 2023 Missouri River Relief MR340 Event Photos

The 2023 Missouri River Relief MR340 Event Photos are now available!

The 2023 Missouri River Relief MR340 Event Photos are now available!

What a week, what should have been 5 solid days of shooting turned into 2.5 as the weather ended the Missouri River 340 river race on Wednesday afternoon. I made it home that evening and began processing the 10k+ photos I took for the event.

This was my first time with the MR340, and I had a blast! Like other events I have participated in, and shot, the MR340 is a family. Everyone is there to help each other out, and have a good time. I was cautious about shooting this event, as I was not sure how the racers would react to me coming in and trying to fill the gap of their previous photographer who was unable to shoot this year. I was pleasantly surprised to find that everyone was very friendly, and happy to see me out there.

I did my best to get a photo of every boat that I could, and tried to get multiple. I most likely missed a few, for that I apologize!

The photos are organized into folders and galleries based on Locations (Check In Day, Start, Napoleon, Waverly, Glasgow, Boonville, Hermann, New Haven, Finish Line Party) and then depending on how many photos I took at a location, also organized into galleries based on windows of time. If you don’t know exactly when you passed through a check point/paddle stop, look at RaceOwl for your splits, then you can check the gallery for that location/time and find the photos of your boat, it is possible you’ll find photos in two time slots depending on how your splits worked out.

View the 2023 MR340 Photos!

I haven’t yet committed to being there again next year, it really depends on if I can justify taking a week off of my day job and “working” the event with my photography business! This year was a test, see if I could do it in a way that made financial sense to do so, I haven’t figured out if that’s the case or not yet, but hopefully you all enjoy the photos I took, and specifically enjoy them enough to order some digital downloads or prints!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any feedback you might have, I always love hearing from you all!

Thank you again for being so welcoming this week and making me feel at home.

-Chris Hammond, Wildwood, MO

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