2021 Midwest Masters Experience CrossFit Competition

Hosted by CrossFit Wildwood, photos from four events

Posted on October 11, 2021   1 minute read 2021 Midwest Masters Experience CrossFit Competition

This weekend I shot my first CrossFit competition since the 2019 CrossFit Games. I was asked to come out to CrossFit Wildwood to shoot the Midwest Masters Experience event. The event was great, with 60+ teams out there, all of the entrants 35+ (I believe) with the oldest being 72.

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Purchasing Photos

For this event, the digital downloads are free, but you need a password to access them (see how to get the password below)! You can still purchase prints and other items from within the galleries.

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Photo Size

Photos were shot on a Canon R5, with a 43 megapixel sensor. 99% of the photos posted have NOT been cropped, they are very large, so you can crop them and still get a great photo if you want to clean up any open space.

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